This last week has been a busy one with lots of orders for collection and postal delivery, as well as, another birthday cake which I had to make for my eldest daughter. I have loved every minute of it but felt like I needed to spend some time doing a bit of decluttering in the house which I never do.

So this morning has involved lots of cleaning, washing, rearranging, de-cluttering, as well as, feather dusting. In the process I have rearranged the living room/my office so I hope the rest of the family are happy with it. 🙂

I am trying to pace my self this week so that I don’t tire myself out so I have only cleaned one floor in the house today. Tomorrow, I will try and do the first floor followed by the the second floor on Wednesday. Nothing like spreading out the cleaning is there. As long as, I don’t have any orders between now and Wednesday this is the plan for me which means that I will leave myself plenty of time to do my favourite things – creating in the kitchen and blogging all about it to my readers. 🙂

For Wednesday, I have a couple of orders to do and then I am busy for the rest of the week so I am not intending to do a Friday Treat Box this week.

Back to the Birthday Cake which I baked and decorated on Saturday in between ferrying children to clubs and having our hairs cut on Saturday afternoon by a hairdresser who comes to our house. I love that I have found a mobile hairdresser who does really good work and the children are all happy to have their hairs cut in the comfort of their own home. So much easier than going to a hairdressing shop with my troops.

Birthday Cake
Birthday Cake

So this birthday cake which my daughter insisted I baked rather than bought it had to be something a bit different. It fitted in with celebrating “International Chocolate Cake Day” which was yesterday so the fact she loves chocolate helps a lot. I knew she wanted Chocolate Cake so after baking the sponge I decided to design a cake topper in the form of an icing sheet. I picked all her favourite things related to the type of music she likes and tried to fit them altogether on a sheet. This is where the problems started and I needed the help of my good friend from Cyle Design (a graphic designer) who created a lovely image which I printed out onto an icing sheet.

A layer of chocolate sauce and a few sweets later – the cake was finished. Judging from my daughter’s reaction I think she really liked it so I am happy. 🙂 Not bad for a quick idea which I had in my head by the time the sponge was in the oven. Oh by the way, the image on the cake was of her favourite band”Panic at the Disco” and the “Ducktales” was a little joke about when the lead singer sang this song on TV.

My plans for the rest of today are to keep adding the nutritional information to the recipes and to check that the conversion table which I have from the Calculator Site is showing alongside the recipe. I am adding the calories, sugars and carbohydrate to each product on the webshop to.

For the rest of this week, my ideas which I want to try out in the kitchen are to bake some Valentine Cupcakes which I will be adding to the webshop. Also, I am going to make something “Corn chippy” and “Mexicany” to celebrate “National Corn Chip Day” this week. As today is “National Blueberry Pancake Day” I will be making some of these for tea tonight. I have a low carbohydrate bake to try this week in the form of Carrot Cake so I am rather looking forward to doing this.